Being a country among the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, how far along are we into mitigating its effects?

In 2018, the United Nations reported that we only had 12 years to prevent “irreversible damage from climate change.” This came three years after the Paris Agreement, where around 197 countries collectively signed in to cut carbon emissions and reduce global warming to below 2℃.

Under the agreement, countries with the highest rates of emissions committed themselves to cutting their climate pollution and helping developing nations with their mitigation efforts. …

A coalition built on being anti-Duterte has to go beyond being just anti-Duterte.

From the early 1900s to the 1930s, the Philippines was essentially a one-party state ruled by the Nacionalista Party, which gave us Presidents Manuel Quezon, Sergio Osmeña, and Ramon Magsaysay. At the time, this seemed ideal — a way to unify a young nation-state under a common ideology.

But the Nacionalista Party was itself a tense arena, where delegates from different provinces competed for their own interests and rallied behind figures who had “winnability.” …

It’s more than just the fuzziness you get when your idol gets all aegyo (애교) on stage.

Recent years have seen the rise of one of the biggest phenomena in entertainment: K-pop. Be it from boy groups like EXO and BTS, girl groups like Red Velvet and BLACKPINK, or even solo acts like IU and Eric Nam, one song is all it takes for most of us (this writer included) to fall under their spell. …

Seventy-nine years ago, thousands of Filipino soldiers walked the infamous valley of death. Here’s what it means for us today.

During the Second World War, Japan dominated Asia as one of the three major Axis powers. With the Southeast Asian peninsulas as their primary target, Japanese troops began to besiege the Philippines on December 8, 1941, resulting in a tense standoff against Filipino and American soldiers.

Social scientists and researchers have earlier predicted the surge of racism and xenophobia caused by COVID-19 disinformation.

A series of racially motivated attacks in the United States in March 2021, including the mass shootings at three spas in Atlanta, Georgia, that killed six individuals of Asian descent, reminded me of an article by Filipino researchers and educators Jonathan Corpus Ong and Gideon Lasco from February 2020 — just before the COVID-19 outbreak was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. …

How are women — from the grassroots to the podium — faring in Duterte’s regime?

To live as a woman in the era of President Rodrigo Duterte is difficult. Not that it was easy with past administrations, as history shows that women have always occupied a disadvantaged position, whether in colonial or postcolonial Philippine society. Having Duterte in the country’s highest seat of power, however, has done nothing to forward the women’s movement, on the contrary even pushing it back by a couple of decades.

The Fil-Am influencer gives viewers an unfiltered look of island life in Hawai‘i and its intersection with Filipino culture.

With a collective social media following of over 35 million, 22-year-old Fil-Am social media star Bretman Rock is one of the most prominent influencers of his generation. And these days, he can now add “reality star” to his growing portfolio, as he stars in his very first six-part digital reality show on MTV.

We asked seven individuals from different sectors to share their reflections and musings.

On March 12, 2020, the entire Metro Manila was placed under community quarantine after President Rodrigo Duterte declared a state of public health emergency as COVID-19 cases rose. Fast forward a year later, the country has been placed in several modifications of lockdown from ECQ to GCQ, the latter of which we are still under today.

However, despite our highly militarized lockdown being dubbed as the longest in the world, poor contact tracing efforts and delayed mass testing has brought about serious repercussions — from a rising…

A former drug addict shares his firsthand account from his fall to addiction to his road to recovery. The question remains: Will the administration give others struggling with drug dependency this same fighting chance?

“Tokhang” has been a haunting word for many — first in Duterte’s bulwark, Davao City, then in the whole Philippines, since the campaign was rolled out in his election last 2016. Tokhang, a part of Duterte’s drug war campaign, has killed thousands of alleged drug users and pushers, many of whom coming from poor families. …

From casting choices to creating a narrative based on screenshots, what does it take to produce a virtual show?

The tribe has spoken, and Survivor is here to stay.

When the show premiered on American television in the 2000s, it was charting a territory relatively unknown — that is, the concept of “reality” television. Sure, it wasn’t the first reality show out there, but its introduction of a system to vote out contestants brought out a novel sense of suspense. It struck gold with its brand of harshness and humiliation, a kind of intrigue that was shiny and new back…


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